Online Advertising

Now, this is a big topic to cover. Allow us to walk you through the basics first.
In short, online advertising is a combined form of marketing and advertising which uses several
channels on the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.
It could include E-mail marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social media marketing,
many types of display advertising (including web banner advertising), and of course mobile advertising.
Online advertising can seem like a bit of a jungle to know which budgets to invest in which form of advertising.
This is where we come into the picture.

How we can help
your business?

We have gathered quite a lot of experience in the past years of doing advertising for customers from near and far. We not only help you with the setup, the content and strategizing, we’ll also make sure that you’ll be seen by the right people, at the right time.

What you can do with that?

Advertisers like you (or us) can thus specify that they e.g. want to target 18-35-year-old women with an interest in food in Frankfurt. These fine selection options reduce the advertising losses that are always feared in advertising. Instead, the ad will be sent exactly to the people who are likely to be interested in an advertised product or service and you can save a lot of money!

Reach out to the right people

Be it offers, sponsored messages, explanatory videos, messenger ads, newsletters, advertisements, web banners, or anything else – with online advertising you can reach the people you might not have been able to reach before. There are a lot of ways nowadays to advertise online! What was once only restricted to advertisements on busses, via Flyers or Brochures, cold calls, and TV commercials, has now evolved to the big online world!
There’s E-Mail marketing, Display ads, Search ads, Web banner advertising, Popups, Facebook Messenger ads, Newsfeed ads and Social media ads (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) – practically every channel that you can think of using online is pretty surely offering adverts on the page.
Why? Because it simply offers too good of an income stream to be ignored. For you as a business, it is a great way to reach out to relevant consumers.

“Is online advertising worth it?”

Let us just say this. Online advertising has exceeded the revenues of television broadcasts by far. That’s how big the industry is! Great opportunities also come with great risk of wasting budgets however – so if you’re not too comfortable with advertising online – let us do it for you. Advertisements enable businesses like ours (or yours) to advertise on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. The small ads across most of these providers out there are limited to certain formats and a uniform layout but can be supplemented with texts and images. 

Facebook  & Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Google Ads

Frequently Asked Questions:

You’ve asked, we’ve answered! Read the answers to the most commonly asked questions below. Your question isn’t on the list? Feel free to get in touch!

What do your online advertising services include?

Well, since online advertising has a lot of ground to cover, that’s a pretty fair question. We offer all sorts of advertising that helps you reach your specific goal and target audience. Whether that is through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Marketplace, Google Adsense – we pretty much cover all of that – and more! 

Which platforms do you have the best experience with?

Based on the last few years of experience, setting up and running Ad campaigns for our customers, we’d say that the best results were achieved through Facebook Ads & Google Ads. It just covers every potential customer from both worlds (pull and push marketing). It is also fairly straightforward to optimize and keep going. Amazon is a whole different world, one not to leave behind either. 

What is a good budget for my campaigns?

That’s a question we hear daily, and that’s pretty fair. No one wants to invest in anything blindly, especially not their hard-earned money. The answer to that question though is that it depends. To give an exact figure, you’d need to analyze a few things: Your target audience, preferred reach, frequency, and, of course, the platform you wish to use. If you don’t know where to even start, feel free to get in touch, so we can strategize on this together!  

Do you guys offer help on how to set up campaigns?

We understand that quite a lot of companies prefer to keep their marketing efforts inbound. That is why we have decided to offer one-on-one courses to our customers. We gladly come out to you, to sit with you at your desk, or you can always come to visit us. The coffee is free, too! 

Ready to get started?

Let’s do this together! Get in touch to get started!