Want to kick-start your 2023 marketing?

If you want to establish or update your advertising accounts as part of your marketing strategy for 2023m then you have come to the right place. I am happy to help you (or assist you) with your setup, structure and optimisation of your digital advertising.
With 8+ years of experience I have gained a wide scope of experience within performance marketing channels. Whether you want impact with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon or Twitter, I am here, ready to help!

Even if all you need is someone to just get you started, or if you are looking for a sparring partner for areas where you have doubts and maybe lack some expertise, or if you are looking for a partner to handle all your advertising on your behalf, I am ready to help!

No matter the depth of the collaboration, I can guarantee you that I will invest myself 110% so that you may reach your goals and hit your KPIs.

Does that sound interesting? Then reach out to me so that we can discuss your needs!

How can I help your business?

By having created advertising for local, regional and international clients for several years now, I have gained a lot of experience in regards to what works, and what does not. The digital world is constantly shifting and that certainly also goes for advertising.
I do not only help with the setup, the content and the strategy. I also ensure that your business is being seen by the right people, at the right time.

What can you use that for?

Advertisers as yourself (or I) can relatively quickly and easily target, in example, 18-35 year old women in Køge, that have an interest in street food – if that is your key demographic group. It could easily be anything else too. The point is that advertisement can be controlled in such a way, that you can target very specifically. And why is this important? Because you can save a lot of money by targeting an audience which you know beforehand has an interest in products and/or services that you offer.
Marketing does not have to be very expensive. By narrowing down the targeting, your ads will be delivered only to people that are most likely to show an interest in your products and/or services. And this is where you can really save some money!

Reach all the right people

Whether it is a message, an explainer video, reels, a messenger ad or something entirely different – with digital advertising you can reach the right people, as you might not have been able to reach before.
There is a wide variety to advertise – is it not exiting? What once was reserves for posters, flyers or brochures, phone calls or TV-ads, has now developed into the enormous online world!
With just a few clicks you have access to initiating your own e-mail advertising, display ads, search ads, performance max ads, banner ads, pop-ups, Facebook ads, you name it. All the channels you can think of on the web today (where your target group is active), contains some way for you to advertise on. Why should you care? Because it is a great way and opportunity to increase your turnover with. It is an excellent way for your business to reach all the relevant consumers. And with a little bit of creative insight, it does not have to cost a lot of money.

“Is online advertising worth it?”

Let us just say that, in regards to turnover, online advertising has surpassed TV advertising by far, and a long time ago. That is the scale of the online, digital industry. The opportunities that online advertising have, however, also come with a risk of wasting money. So if you do not feel entirely comfortable doing online advertising on your own, let me do it for you. Advertisement give companies like yours (or mine) the opportunity to advertise on Facebook, Google, Instagram and many other channels. It is definitely worth the investment, and you should also see it as such – an investment, that relatively quickly can pay for itself without you having to do much more than taking care of your physical business (if you have one such)!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Short answers to questions I am often asked. You do not see your question in the overview? Reach out to me, and I will reply to you as fast as possible.

Which advertising services do you cover?
Digital advertising covers over a lot, so this is a very good question. Short and sweet, I offer help with all of the most popular advertising channels, that can help reach the target audience. Whether it is Google, Facebook, LinedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram or Amazon – I am here to help you becoming even more successful!
Which platforms are you most experienced with?
Based on the last years of experience setting up campaigns for my clients, I would probably say that the best results are made via either Facebook or Google advertising. Combined they simply cover over the largest potential customer groups “from both worlds”. Both channels are very straight-forward in optimisation and maintenance. Amazon is an entirely different story but should, however, not be disregarded.
What is a suitable budget for my campaigns?
This is a very good questions. I get this one almost daily, and for good reason. Nobody wants to invest in something without knowing what can be expected in return. Particularly when it comes to your hard-earned money. The answer is, that this all depends on x, y and z. To give you an accurate figure, you should look into the following: Your target audience, the reach you would like to have, repeating frequency and of course, which platform you would like to use. If you have doubts about where to start you can reach out to me. Together we can determine both where to start, what your strategy should be, and how high the budget needs to be to match your expectations.
Can you assist with setting up campaigns?
I fully understand that many companies want to keep their marketing in-house. This is why I also offer individual courses to my clients, so that they can learn how campaigns are constructed and optimised. I am happy to deliver these courses at your working place and take a seat next to you at your desk. You are also more than welcome to come visit me at my office. The coffee is free of charge – always!

Are you ready to get started?

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