Do you need help with your digital marketing?

Do you want to achieve better results from your online marketing? More leads? More sales? Wider reach?
Maybe you want to improve your positioning on search engines such as Google or Bing? Maybe you just want to learn to understand how to understand the current results on Google Analytics? Maybe you need someone to set up your tracking, so you can measure your results?

No matter the situation or challenge, I am available to help you find the answers or to create results. Whether on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Amazon or some of the many other platforms.
From setting up tracking to analysing, creating advertisements, search engine optimisation and reporting – Here you are guaranteed to find a solution at affordable prices.

If you have done the leg work, but want to optimise the results, then you can contact me for a free-of-charge and non-binding consultation. I am ready with a solution for you, no matter the current state or needs. Contact me today and get an offer. Together we can reach the sky!

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Do you need help with tracking?

Without tracking even the best ads cannot live up to their full potential, because without tracking you cannot see who has visited your website, who bought your products or services, or any other KPI, which you are measuring your success by.
If you do not have tracking on your website yet, let me help you do so via Google Tag Manager.

Search Engine Optimisation

Do you want to achieve better positioning of your website on the various search engines? If you do not know how to do so, then it might seem a bit incomprehensible, because where should one even start? I can assist you by analysing your SEO-performance no matter what stage your website is currently in. I will describe the changes that can be made. Together we will make a strategy for your search engine optimisation, and we will ensure that everything comes together in the exact right way. On or Off-page SEO, technically, practically, I am standing by with the right solutions – and with reasonable pricing.  

Content Management

Do you want catchy texts? Texts that entice people to purchase? Texts that will make your target audience visit your website? Whether they are texts for a websites, blog articles, newspaper adverts, online adverts or something completely different, I am here to deliver the content to you. I write texts in Danish, German and English at competitive prices. No matter the subject, let me phrase the words for you. 

Google Shopping

Are you running a web shop? Awesome! If you are selling products or services online, are you then already using the opportunities that Google Shopping is offering? If not, then you are missing out! Google Shopping is probably, besides Amazon, the best sales channel that is available. Let me help you in launching your products on Google Shopping. You will quickly see a difference, especially as you will have a 24/7 reach out to customers with Google Shopping!

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