360° digital advertising
– More value for your money!

If you are on the look-out for someone that is passionate about helping your business reaching a higher level, whether in regards to content, search engine placement or branding, then you have come to the right place!
I am passionate about helping my clients in making a difference, to help them stand out from the crowd, and to help them fulfil their dreams.
You can think of me as that one extra employee you sometimes wish you had, someone that creates results in close collaboration with you, without wrapping everything up in technical terms
The results must, and will, always speak for themselves. With me as your external business partner, you can rest assured that any assignment you hire me for will be completed on time, live up to your expectations and be within the agreed upon budget.
Let me take care of the marketing for you, so that you may focus on all other areas of your business, which you are excellent at.

Does that sound like a an offer you cannot refuse?

I offer all kinds of digital marketing, whether it is Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads or any other media you might think of.
You can also hire me to spice up your website with new, fresh and catchy texts, no matter if it is for a category page, a landing page or for products you have wanted to add to the site, or have updated.
I am also able to do your SEO, translations, project management and setting up tracking on your website.

I am with you all the way. From the first visual footprint to spreading your messages across the digital channels, creating content for your website, setting up tracking mechanisms and reporting. And all this at extremely competitive prices!

3 reasons why you should chose me:


I can work remotely, from your office, at your client’s or partner’s location. I am not bound by any location.

Goal oriented

I focus on your results – every day!
With me you get a one-man army that will deliver!

No subscription

I do not use long-term subscription contracts. If you are unhappy with the results I provide, you can terminate our collaboration fairly quickly.

My workflow:


I always conduct a thorough situational analysis in order to determine the best strategy and to set measurable KPIs in close collaboration with you as the client. Together we define the targets for your success.


Based on the targets and KPIs agreed upon with you, I initiate the execution of the strategy. You ensure that I have access to all relevant accounts, and I ensure that everything else is set up, including reporting.


I regularly analyse on your data and compare the results to the targets that we set together. I check you results on a daily basis and optimise immediately, when I see an opportunity to do so.


I deliver reports on a regular basis on the results. It is data, which you have access to 24/7. You will receive a thorough report on a monthly basis, which you can use in your combined growth strategy.