Mindstormers International

We are a dedicated Digital Marketing agency that gets up in the morning
to help companies create real results that truly make a difference.
With us as your digital marketing partner, you can expect a lot
of “out of the box” thinking, lots of passion and energy – and that at very fair prices!

3 reasons for choosing us:

Great Location

We’re located right at the border to Denmark with easy reachability.


We’re all about your results – all day, every day!


We don’t lock you into contracts if you’re not happy with the results.

Our work process:


We carefully analyze your current stand-point, map out your goals and pave the way on the road to success in close collaboration with you.


We execute your strategy based on the goals we’ve set together on the roadmap to success. We don’t hide behind fancy lingo.


We analyze your data frequently and provide ongoing optimization in real-time; on a schedule and on time.


We deliver regular reports to you whenever you feel the need for one, so you can know what opportunities lay ahead on the road to success.

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Our Blog

What is search engine optimization?

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization, short SEO, is the systematic use of key words tofavor your position in search engine ratings.While this sounds really manipulative and maybe a bit shady, it actually...

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