Google Ads

In simple terms, Google Ads allows you to show your ads to people
who are likely to be interested in your products and services while, on the other side,
filtering out folks who aren’t. And you can track whether those people clicked on your ads.
Google Ads also gives you the opportunity to reach
potential customers on multiple devices — desktops, laptops,
tablets, and smartphones. Google Ads is for everyone but can seem quite confusing at first.
Allow us to walk you through and optimize on your behalf!

Why should you invest in Google Ads?

  • Searches on the internet are made through Google 82% 82%
  • People click on Google Ads when shopping online 65% 65%
  • PPC visitors are more likely to purchase than organic visitors 50% 50%

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Text Ads

A text ad is a form of marketing communication that advertisers can use to promote their product or service on the Google Network.

   Text ads can appear on Google results pages and the Google Network

   You can add several headlines and descriptions of several lengths

   Text Ads always appear above organic search results

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads appear on top of search results and meet engaged shoppers that have done most of their research beforehand.

  Shopping Ads include a product image, price, and merchant name

 Shopping Ads appear above organic search results

  Shopping Ads trigger high click-through rates

Display Ads

The Google Display Network is used by thousands of advertisers to reach users on hundreds of thousands of websites.

  Google Display Advertising is inexpensive

  Display network allows you to use more engaging visual ads

  Display Ad can appear on Google’s search pages and partner network

Strategic Options

Google Ads offers several bid strategies that are tailored to different types of campaigns. Depending on which networks your campaign is targeting, and whether you want to focus on getting clicksimpressionsconversions, or views.

Specified Reach

Google Ads will give you specified reach, also referred to as Ad reach. This is an estimate of the number of people within a location target, based on signed-in users. You can use these reach numbers to get a rough idea of your potential outreach.

Controlled Budget

Google Ads lets you set a daily limit on how much of your budget is spent to show your ad, and some days, it might seem like your daily cost is higher. Google analyses daily search traffic. Google will show your ads more frequently, and less frequently when traffic is down.

Increase Awareness

The purpose of a brand engagement campaign is to build awareness of and positive associations with your company and its products and services. A customer can interact with your brand in a variety of ways, including watching videos, spending time on your website, or communicating with other customers.

Google Ads

You may be thinking: “Google Ads! What an opportunity, what a way to reach out to potential customers – what a NIGHTMARE”! There’s a good chance that you’ve heard those claims before – from others – or even yourself. If you have searched for opportunities to kickstart your online marketing, there is practically no chance that you haven’t heard about Google Adwords before. That’s a fact. To some, Google Ads seems easy. To others it is a riddle – to us, it is a passion! Google Ads is an important and powerful tool that is helping you to reach out to new customers that are actively searching for products online! It has become a bit of science nowadays to get the full benefits out of Adwords though, so if you don’t feel confident working on it on a daily basis, chances are that you are shoveling your hard-earned money out of the window faster than you realize.

What are Google Ads?

In short, Google Ads are small text or display ads that appear next to (or below) Google’s search hits or on Google’s search partners’ websites. Google Ads is often based on cost-per-click, cost-per-view, or cost-per-conversion billing. In particular, the cost per click (CPC) is interesting for smaller companies, because only the advertising that manages to engage the recipient enough, so he clicks on it, will be billed for. That helps you make a big saving to your advertising budget because you only pay for Internet users who clicked on your Adwords ad and were redirected to your website. Google Ads is relatively easy to be set up by either yourself or us.

Setting up Adwords can be done in just a few steps:


  • Selection of language and location
  • Creation of your advertisement
  • Specify keywords
  • Specify the maximum price
  • Defining the daily budget

So far, so good! Now what?

What’s pulling teeth with Google Ads is really the ongoing optimization going into it!
This is what you hear the moaning about in your surroundings, as it often isn’t as
easy as it may look at first.

Why Google Ads is important

If you want to be in the mindset of potential customers when they are searching for products via Google, being represented via Google Ads is a perfect opportunity for you to reach out, offering them just exactly what they’re looking for, or something that is closely related to it (often even something they didn’t know existed). Google Ads is a great way of doing push marketing, as there’s a good chance that the customer is looking exactly for your product, or one related to it when doing searches online.

  • Selection of language and location
  • Creation of your advertisement
  • Specify keywords
  • Specify the maximum price
  • Defining the daily budget

PPC, CPA, CTR – say what?

If you’ve ever tried Google Ads yourself, or watched videos online about it, then you’ve probably come across the terms PPC, CPA, CTR, retargeting – to only mention a few. Why is Google talking in codes, you think? See, what Google has done, is to transform something very complex and technical into something that everyone can understand. Before everyone is forced to learn to code, mastering the “art” of graphic design, get a degree in analytics – Google has added a very extensive range of opportunities to reach out to potential customers into one very powerful tool. In the process of making Google Adwords for everyone, it needs to be made in a way that can be understood by most! To solve the riddle behind the shortcuts above, the term PPC is short for Pay Per Click, which implies that you are paying per one click your potential customer is making on your Advert in Google. CPA is short for Cost Per Acquisition, where you’re charged per acquisition (or conversion) from your advert. That means, Google charges you money every time you are making a conversion, be it a phone call, an E-mail, a purchase, or an inquiry. CTR is short for Click Through Rate, which indicates to the advertiser how often the potential end-customer is clicking through on the Advert that has been set.

Adwords is for everyone

We admit that this was, well, a bit technical. Adwords are technical!

There is no way to sugarcoat it, but technically everyone can be a part of the program, whether it is a seasoned advertising agency like us, or a newbie, taking the first steps in the world of Google Ads. For those newbies, and even us seasoned Advertisers, Google has developed a lot of helpful videos with tutorials, news, and updates, so everyone can get up to date. Ads may even be the reason you have found our website and the reason for you reading these lines!  If Google Adwords still seems like a jungle to you, or you simply don’t have the time to work on it on a daily basis, allow us to assist you with it. No matter the budget, the target audience, the goals, and service or product you are selling, we can help you get started – or get to the next level! One of our dedicated co-workers will be in frequent contact with you and show you results as often as you’d like. We don’t charge per hour, we don’t get limited by budget – there’s no customer too small or too big for us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

You’ve asked, we’ve answered! Read the answers to the most commonly asked questions below. Your question isn’t on the list? Feel free to get in touch!

How often do you optimize an account?

Generally, all our client’s accounts are being monitored daily. Not all of them need daily optimizations, however. We look for certain factors to see whether an account needs optimization. This could be because your cost-per-click is high, there are new or untapped opportunities or there is a new proven method to apply, providing you with better results.

How many hours do you spend on an account?

That really depends. Generally, we have a maximum amount of hours for chosen packages, but should there at times be a need for a little more effort, we don’t let that cost our customers extra. We calculate in results, not in hours. 

Do you offer sign on bonuses?

Yes, we do. Should you know about anyone in need of help with Google Ads, please do get in touch, so we can have a chat with them. Should they sign on as a customer, we’ll gladly give you a bonus. That could be a free month of management, a discount for a different service of ours, or a monetary value.

Do you work with other agencies?

We certainly do. Actually, quite a lot of the accounts we manage are clients from other agencies. As with every business, it happens that they get quite busy, being unable to cope with new customers. We gladly help manage those clients, and that without ever having contact with them directly. 

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