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Is Google Shopping just another service adding to the already big income stream of Google? Is it just furthering Google’s monopoly on search engines? Well, no – it is much more than that! Much more that is of benefit to you as a business! Google Shopping allows users to search for products presented on hundreds of online shopping websites and compare prices between them in a heartbeat.
With just a few easy clicks you’ll know which product is best priced and who delivers the most value for money.

Shopping campaigns on Google Ads help you promote your products by giving users detailed information about the product you’re selling, your price-point and other unique selling points before consumers decide to click on your ad. Using retail-centric reporting tools, you’ll be able to track the performance of your products over time. Setting up product feeds, linking your Google Merchant Center to Google Adwords, and setting up campaigns can be a painstaking process.

 Creating lists, categorizing products; well, if you ever tried it before for a web-shop with numerous products, you know how much time it can consume. If you don’t have the time, or rather would like to use the time on other tasks, if you’d like to make sure that the setup has been done correctly, the linking to Google Ads is working, and the ads are performing well – allow us to look into it for you.



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Whether you already have completed the setup of your Merchant Center account or wish to begin with a clean sheet, we can get you started in a heartbeat. We’ll make sure to set up your feed(s) and do the necessary tweaks, so your products will appear in searches on Google Shopping. We also gladly provide maintenance services to make sure that your products remain updated. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

You’ve asked, we’ve answered! Read the answers to the most commonly asked questions below. Your question isn’t on the list? Feel free to get in touch!

Do you handle manual feeds?

We most certainly do. Our staff can easily access your site for a daily performance check and frequent update as you (or we) see fit. That way, your listing will remain updated and stay optimized for a best-possible outcome – all day, every day!

Is there a limit to the number of products to manage?

There actually isn’t. At least none we’ve reached so far. On your feed, whether that is manual or automatic, you can have thousands of products. The real question to ask yourself is not what is the limit to what can be uploaded, but rather how much can be maintained. If you for instance update your price daily, you’d probably not want to update your listing manually nor have too many products listed, particularly if you don’t have enough in stock. 

Do you offer monthly maintenance packages?

From past experience with some of our valued customers, we have put a few different packages in place. These maintenance packages do range from basic updates occasionally to daily updates, so you can spend your precious time on something else. 

Do you also do Google Ads Campaigns?

Google Shopping is a natural part of Google Ads actually. You use Google Ads to get your products shown to the masses. Hence is why we, of course, also offer Google Ads Setup, Maintenance, and Management, daily, monthly or quarterly. 

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