Do you need help with Google Shopping?

Google Ads is a powerful tool that should be part of your marketing toolbox. It is especially an intelligent investment to make if you have a web shop that sells products B2B, B2C or DTC. Google Shopping is an indispensable campaign type, if you want to create sales, and continue to have sales around the clock, all year around!

Do you need help with Google Shopping? Maybe you’ve tried it before, and had poor experience with it, or maybe you just did not have time to set it up and optimise it properly.
Google Shopping offers a lot of opportunities, but also requires that you setup the feed correctly from the very beginning, and exclude products, that are not profitable. I am happy to help you get started, move on or optimise your feed, so that your Google Shopping campaigns become profitable end deliver stable ROAS.

I have worked with Google Shopping for +8 years. This includes work with small-scale startups, medium sized companies as well as large corporations. If you could use my help to get started, or to move forward, then reach out to me and we can discuss your strategy, free of charge. I am happy to setup your account from scratch or optimise what you already have. The goal is the same – for you to be successful!

Google Shopping

Is Google Shopping just another service with which Google makes more money? Is it just a feature for Google to expand on their monopoly in regards to search engines? Of course not! It is so much more than that! Much more, and this is all a big advantage for your company! Google Shopping gives the user the opportunity to search for products that are shown ad hundreds of online shopping platforms and compares price in no time. With just a few clicks you can find the products with the lowest price and the best value for money. Those could be your products!
Shopping campaigns on Google Ads help advertise your products by giving the consumers detailed information in regards to the product you sell, your price and other unique selling points, before they decide to click on your advert. By using detail-centered reporting tools, you can track the results of your sales over a given period of time. The setup of products feeds, links of Google Merchant Center for Google Ads and setting up campaigns can be confusing.
Setting up product lists, categorising products and so forth. If you have tried to create a web shop with a lot of products, then you know how much time it can take. If you do not have that time, would rather work with other assignments, or if you simply just want to make sure, that everything is working as intended from the get-go, then I am happy to do the work on your behalf!


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Are you ready to get started?

Whether you have already completed the setup of your Merchant Center, or want to start all over again, I can get you started in no time. I will setup your feed and set all the necessary settings, so that your products can be shown on Google. I also offer optimisation of already active feeds, so your products are always looking best possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Short answers to questions I am often asked. You do not see your question in the overview? Reach out to me, and I will reply to you as fast as possible.

Do you also maintain maunal feeds?

I do. I am happy to look through your website to manually setup and expand upon your feeds, if you wish to use the automated tools. That way your feed stays updated at all times.
Is there a maximum of how many products you can handle?

No, actually there is not. At least it is not something that I have experienced before, and I have previously worked with feeds of up to 2.500 to 3.000 products. Regardless of the feed, whether it is manual or automatic, there can be thousands of products. A better question would be of how many products it makes sense to have on Google Shopping. Are they all equally profitable?
Do you offer package solutions for Google Shopping?

Yes, I do. Based on experience with other clients, I have predefined some packages. These optimisation packages cover everything from basic updates once in every while, to daily updates, so you do not have to invest your time in this.
Do you generally work with Google Ads?

Google Shopping is a natural part of Google Ads. You need Google Ads to show your products to the people. That is why i also offer setting up, optimising and maintaining Google Ads on a daily, weekly, monthly and so forth. It is the service that I actually most frequently work with.

Are you ready to get started?

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