Chances are that you’ve heard of the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before. Some of our more tech-savvy visitors reading this are probably nodding with approval now, others may be skeptical, as they’re perhaps already ‚in the know‘, but still missing the ‚know how‘ of how to conduct successful optimization that ranks your website so efficiently like hot chocolate goes down on a cold Winter day. But, what is this SEO everyone is talking about? What can it do for you and do you achieve an increase in rank? By choosing a company that promises you to get to page 1 in SERP’s within days? Definitely not! Whoever claims to be able to do that is mainly interested in outranking your content of your wallet. That’s a fact. Modern day SEO is nothing less than crafting content so compelling that other people want to promote it by linking to it or sharing it, which in turn increases the overall trust and authority of your website, which helps it to rank well for certain keywords. Finding information on the good old Internet is really like finding the needle in a haystack. However, you’ll have to imagine the haystack as big as Mount Everest. One of the success criteria for your website will however be how well you are truly being found via search engines. Observations show that 80% of page views come from a search engine hit. Question is, are you among those page views, or is your page dwelling in the depths of page 3, 4….or 10?   

Will potential buyers ever notice you? Is your website being found by major search engines?

The first question you’d need to ask yourself is whether your business actually is listed at all? All too many business owners tend to forget to even submit their website for crawl by search engines like the big G(oogle), smaller ones like Bing or the like. Next up, ask yourself, are you currently among the top 10 search results? The first 20? Oh boy. Page 3, 4, 5? Don’t worry – you are not alone. Most companies completely ignore the search engine entry factor after creating the website, or simply think that it will cost them too much to even bother getting started! That’s a misunderstanding we often hear. It doesn’t cost to ask, and it doesn’t cost to get a free page audit, so don’t you hesitate to get in touch with us! 


Why does SEO matter, you ask yourself?

Search engines regularly update their algorithms to penalize poor quality websites that are trying to manipulate their rankings, making constant optimization a moving target for advertisers. While keyword research is still crucial, search engine algorithms have evolved – fast!
Google treats the trust and authority of your domain, what others think about your content, and the words used to describe it in links as an important indicator of quality and relevance. Blogging and social media platforms allow more people than ever to vote, link and tweet on relevant content. SEO copywriting is quality writing. Period. The key-phrases shouldn’t make the writing hard-to-read, sound repetitive, or lose its conversion focus. Some people believe you can shove a bunch of key-phrases into the content and still get a high ranking (commonly known as “key-phrase stuffing”). Not anymore. Google has gotten smarter, and things have changed. Now your content needs to be high-quality content for Google to position it in the top spots.

So in actuality, your content satisfies two masters! On the one hand, your readers need to love it! Your content needs to be relevant and a resource your readers enjoy — something that educates, entertains or enlightens them. On the other hand, Google needs to see the content written in a certain way to understand what the page is about. Understanding how to make this happen helps your content “compete” with other pages for rankings. This is where SEO copywriting best practices come into play, and that’s why it is important to keep on track!

So if you’re concerned that:

• Your pages aren’t showing in Google
• Your pages aren’t converting
• Your content is outdated and you never really liked it, anyway
• Your content was never optimized, and now you think it is time to do so
….then SEO copywriting is for you!

The good news is that SEO copywriting could represent a huge opportunity for you! After all, as Seth Godin said, “The best SEO is great content.” If you can create content that grabs your readers attention, answers their questions and drives incoming links, you can finally start seeing some tasty search engine positions! And that is a very cool thing!

What you can expect to achieve with SEO:

Increase traffic

Get more engagements

Fasten up your website

Increase duration

Increase ranking

Improve authority


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