Social Media Management

Some of the most popular sites on the internet are social networks.
More than 1 billion people are actively involved in Facebook, the largest network worldwide.
But there are thousands of social networks out there, that mostly serve the special purposes and interests
of their users. There are social networks for the publishing of pictures (Pinterest),
documents (Slideshare), videos (Youtube), real-time news (Twitter), or for general chat with friends and
acquaintances (Facebook, Google+). Many social networks are also career-oriented like XING or LinkedIn.
And that’s only to mention a few.

Why us: Social Media Marketing Services

 There are no suprises

 Low-risk contracts

 Get more for your money

Our Social Media Process

#1: We assign a dedicated Manager to your account

#2: We develop a Social Media strategy specific to your business

#3: We develop content calendars and ads

#4: We perform ongoing growth optimization

#5: We perform your reporting and communication

Are you on Social Media yet? 

If not, then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. They are already interacting on these channels, so should you be represented as well, in order to reach out to them. If you’re not into doing the daily posts, the visual updates, the content, and advertising, then allow us to work on it for you.

Why you should be active on social media?

  • Your customers are on social media!

Chances are that your potential or current customers already are active on Social Media, and if they are, it doesn’t hurt that you are active there too. You’d want to stay in people’s minds when they’re making a buying-decision; and for that, there’s no better way to leave a mark than with an active Social Media profile. It’s also a perfect way to engage with them! 

  • People are talking about you!

If people are talking about you anywhere online, you should have a voice too. To have a voice, you should be present. It’s quite logical. If you however don’t have the time to keep your followers and customers updated, we can be your brand ambassadors and help get the conversation going – the right way!

  • People search for companies like you!

People browse through Social media pages for a great many reasons. It’s not all about funny memes or cat videos though. Many people, your potential customers, also refer to Social Media as a means of getting to know more about your products, get in touch with you and to get inspired about the use of products or services like yours.

You deserve to well-represented!

Where there is a platform, there is a market. Your customer is represented on Social Media, so why aren’t you? If you are, then can you honestly say that you have peaked in your ways of doing things? If yes, you’re set. If not, chances are that you can make better use of your activities on Social Media. If you are limited on time, or you don’t have the ideas, allow us to help you! Together, we can achieve great things!

Frequently Asked Questions:

You’ve asked, we’ve answered! Read the answers to the most commonly asked questions below. Your question isn’t on the list? Feel free to get in touch!

What does your service include?

We provide the initial setup, conduct research, plan content, prepare content calendars for you to approve regularly – and we make sure that you can track the results easily, at all times.

What are your fees?

Please get in touch to know more about our fees. We do have packages available for small to large businesses, for smaller, medium, and larger budgets. 

Where do you schedule and publish content?

We schedule content on many platforms. The main ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, but also Reddit, TikTok and so many more.

Do your posts have a maximum length?

Basically, no. We however emphasize to our customers not to add a lot of content to a post. Rather, it would be useful if you’d link to your website where customers can read more about what you have to share. 

Ready to get started?

Let’s do this together! Get in touch to get started!