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Are you branding your new business? Maybe you have a logo, but need to extend your corporate identity into business cards, letterheads, and more? Or is your current brand needing a refresh? Customers expect your brand identity to be professionally designed and consistent across all media. You don’t want your brand to feel dated, lack visual appeal, or appear carelessly constructed. That reflects poorly on your business. Now’s a great time to update your identity design materials or create a new set. You’ll want a letterhead that matches all of your stationery. So, whether you hand a  customer your business card or a sales invoice, they should feel the same brand design reaching across all of your company’s identity. Give your business stationery products, such as your business cards, a uniform appearance – create a corporate identity! With a corporate brand identity, you get a uniform size and placement of your logo and make use of the same fonts and colors across all your business materials. Only
a consistent look and feel can bring recognition from your business partners and customers. It is thus a basic requirement for your successful appearance in the market.

What it all includes:

  • Logotype
  • Size and placement of the logo
  • Use of a slogan and its placement in connection with the logo
  • Types of used fonts: Even by using different font types, the perception of your company can be influenced
  • Size and style of used fonts
  • Arrangement of names and addresses
  • Use of colors

A quality brand distinguishes a company in the market. You’ll want to stand out with a creative design. Get an effective brand that has been professionally designed, and expand it to print and other media. These corporate identity sets can help you do just that!

The corporate identity package includes:

  • Design of letterhead
  • Invoices
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Creative Brochures

We also deliver covers to the timeline on Facebook, desktop backgrounds and more. There are no limits to how your brand can be used to market your business


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