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If this is your first time on our website, chances are that you’re asking yourself questions like: Who are they? What can I expect from working with these guys? Will they deliver? Do they have a track record? Do they really drink that much coffee?

Fair questions! Let’s dive right into answering them!
So, what makes us thrive here at Mindstormers International? Who stands behind this magnificent name and the good looks? What does a ‘Mindstormer’ eat anyway? We at Mindstormers, would describe ourselves as a dedicated team of enthusiasts specialized in each our respective fields of work. We constantly strive to attract new talent to our ranks – always looking for new opportunities that we can offer our customers
Physically, we are located in Flensburg, a small town bordered to Denmark – which also explains our close correlation with Danish, as well as German customers.
Organically, we are active all around the globe, right from the small coffee shop in Italy to bigger names in the game, regionally, nationally and internationally. Mindstormers International has been in operation since May 2013, established with the motivation of doing things better, easier, cheaper – without cutting any corners!
Without making things complicated! We see ourselves as rebels in our field of work – we strive to become better than we were the day before – for ourselves, but also for our customers who are investing their trust in us; that we do our absolute best every day to achieve their individual goals.
We strive for transparency – and we do focus on making things understandable for
everyone. Even with the most technical processes and tasks; we make sure that our customers understand every step of the way towards the common goal!
We are not driven by revenues – we strive for results!

At Mindstormers International, our customers are much more than just customers – they are family!
We hope that you become part of our Mindstormers family, too!


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