Content Management

At Mindstormers we know how important good and well written content is in order to attract and attain the attention of new and existing customers. We know that the attention span of readers more often than not is quite short (no offense). We don’t blame them! If followers and potential customers are given the choice between watching an explainer video, or reading a lengthy text, we know what they’ll choose. We’d know what to choose too!

Why you should invest in quality content

As the saying goes, time is money. We believe that time should be invested wisely. We, as a company, should not request too much time from customers, as our most proud achievement and goal is to save time for clients and end-customers. Less time reading, more quality time with things and persons that matter.

Content is king

The challenging thing about content is that if you don’t manage to grab the readers attention right away, with a short and crispy text, the potential customer is right back to watching videos and tutorials elsewhere. In a world where videos are having a peak, we know that writing lengthy texts about a product, a cause or a service is not being read. As a service provider, we can get away with it, as our customers are focused on finding a solution to their problem,
that helps them expel in their business, but if you’re to sell a product with a lengthy text, rest assured, write more than 50-200 words about a product, the potential customer has clicked on something else, and even retargeting, be it via Google or Facebook, is a lost cause.

Keep it short and crisp

When writing content for your website, your brochure (which is restricted by space), a Flyer (even less space), your Social media profiles, your blog, or anything else that needs content, we at Mindstormers International gladly do the work for you! We do the research, we consult with you; who knows best about your particular business, we ask around and we take notes along the way, before starting to craft customized content for you.

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